Hello friends!

METAL FORCE Club – Bulgaria is a voluntary organization of supporters, who sympathize with the Bulgarian and international rock and metal music. This club is an association, which is registered under the Law on legal non-profit entities in august 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria. METAL FORCE is an organization without any lucrative purposes and it is based on our musical preferences, our own money and responsibilities.
Our goal is to support the promotion and development of heavy metal music in all its varieties and we are going to achieve this by: organizing concerts, festivals and other music formats; moderating metal events; establishing contacts and cooperating with similar local and foreign organizations, media and clubs. And last but not least, of course, our goal is to have fun listening to our favorite music and communicating with each other.
METAL FORCE Club is open for registration of new members. A METAL FORCE member can become any adult individual, who is sharing the goals of that club, is adopting the club’s Statute and is ready to work for their implementation.
Detailed information about METAL FORCE Club , its goals and means of achieving them, fundraising, management and disposition of these, origination and termination of membership can be obtained from our Statute here
Any questions you can send to e-mail metal_force_bulgaria@yahoo.com
Information about us from print and electronic media you can find below: